The top five reasons why your recruiter is not calling you back and the five ways you could respond when this happens:
One major assumption were making in this session is that you have been phone screened or have been to a interview of some sort, whether face-to-face or via video:

1.   The recruiter doesn’t know what is happening on your application because the hiring manager is unresponsive.

2.    The recruiter is forced to work from home but is not fully set up, and either does not have access to your application, or is running. 

behind in contacting everyone and can only move forward with certain candidates that are deeper in the process.

3.    do you are still in the running, but for some reason, is not the hiring managers top choice. So they are wearing options in the meantime.
4.    The hiring manager has decided to freeze hiring until he or she can bring people in on face-to-face interviews as opposed to video interviews.

5.    They have already decided not to hire you, but do not feel comfortable giving you an answer to explain why. So they will wait until they hire someone else before letting you know that you didn’t get the job.

Choosing what to do, here are my top five ways to respond to this situation:

        1.  Wait it out.

         2.  Do a little bit of research to make sure the recruiter still works there or is available when asked for at the facility. The same can go            for the hiring manager. Your goal is not to speak to them, it is to find out if they still work there or if they are on vacation. This could              explain a lot and once you find out when they say they’re going to return from vacation you can strategically reach out to them the
        next day or two after returning. Depending on the type of position it is, in some cases you can check LinkedIn to find out if the position          has been filled by typing in the title of the position as well as the location and the company name to see if there’s a new person who
        just started in that role.

         3.  You social networks like LinkedIn to see if you have any warm connections in your network that either work for the company or                    have connections to someone who works for the company to do a little fact finding for you.

        4.  Communicate to the Recruiter where you are in the job search process with other opportunities if you have other opportunities on                  the table. For example if the organization is on the fence about hiring you, letting them know that someone else is trying to hire you                will do one of two things. It will cause them to make a decision to go ahead and make an offer or free you up to make a move on one
            of your other opportunities.

       5.  Given ultimatum date if you’re looking to make a decision by certain time frame, you may not get the answer you want, but you will                  get an answer. This is because no answer is also an answer.

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